Who is this woman?

I don’t use Powerpoint

unless you insist!

I clarify objectives before any work is started

not only so that I know what I’m doing but also to make evaluation and transfer of learning easier to observe

My University of diversity

I love to work in as many different types of company as possible and with as many different types of audience as possible'

My beliefs

  • that if I’m not learning as much as the people I am working with then I’m not doing my job properly
  • that the trainer is more important than the content of the tangibles
  • that learning is not a ‘product’ it is a process at a human level
  • in a ‘little and often’ approach to learning more than an intensive immersion process

My background

I have had a broad career in Learning and Development, Education, HR and Sales and Marketing. I have worked in management and frontline jobs as well as being self employed. My work has taken me all over the UK and in almost every industrial sector including privately and publicly owned organisations of all sizes.

My formal qualifications are:

  • BA (hons) communication studies
  • Fellow CIPD
  • Certificate in Life Coaching
  • Certificate in Further and Adult Education Teaching
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Mindfulness Studies